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There was this deserted old fort, loomimg up out of the dunes close to Lagos.
Fig trees bursting through the cracks, exotic birds nestling in the five meter thick walls.
Nobody there, all it needed was a thoroughly cleanup. On the top of the walls a little
white house used as atelier. I started out by making a guard with an old rusted riffle,
looking over the ocean still protecting the fort.
Some of the sculptures shown here found their places in the cellars, on top of the walls
and in the courtyard, others were on the beach, in the dunes and sometimes seen on the boulevard in Lagos.

 backwards z  bowl 1 z  bowl 2  cross hands z
 crossarmed z elbows z  hands on knees z   le penseur z
 leaning 2 z  me cutout z  utrecht 1  utrecht 2


Hettie Goverts sculptures